How to Stop a Crying Baby: Parenting Tips : Crying Infants & Teething

November 172009

Ways to stop a crying baby; learn about teething and crying babies in this free child care video with parenting tips for newborns and infants.

Expert: Alisha Folkman
Bio: Alisha Folkman is a mother of two and has worked at the Verde Valley Medical Center for nearly five years.
Filmmaker: Dixon Gillette

Duration : 0:1:41

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    Do you really think people are THAT retarded they don’t know they should mop it up with a muslin?! Never used a bib on my nephew and he never got rashes on his chest cos you just change their top more often. How would you like something permanently tied round your neck all day?! Oh and incidently, none of this stops your baby from crying. Some baby rattles have a plastic bit at the bottom with a gel inside you can freeze and baby will suck it to ease the pain. That’s just ONE bit of advice.

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  15. bbbbbb222222 Says:

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    You can also hit them when they drool, so they learn it is bad to do it

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    It’s always good to see good videos…

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