10 things that I’ll never do as a parent

August 102011

Babble.com is one of my favorite sites, it’s interesting, informative and it’s very funny too. I’ve just read Ronnie Konig’s article about 10 things I swear I’ll never do as a parent.

She collected 10 things that she won’t do as a parent. I really agree on the first one with her:

  1. “No leash policy”
    I hate to see children on leash. It feels so wrong in my opinion to put kids on leash. Our grandmothers didn’t need leashes why do we need them?
  2. Pacifiers
    Another big No-No when it comes to pacifiers. It’s okay to give babies pacifiers when they are really small but there’s no really need for that. When I see 4-5 year old kids running around with pacifiers…
  3. Please no baby talk
    As Ronnie I’m against baby talk. The way she wrote about it made me laugh:
    ” If I’m really lucky, my kids will learn how to clearly give my drink order to a bartender (Tanqueray martini, straight up, two olives) before they start pre-school.”
  4. No novelty tees
    Babies are not billboard for irony so don’t buy novelty tees for them with Che Guevara on it. Please…

To read the remaining 6 things, please click here
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