Free stuff for moms – 3 tips

April 192011

Getting free stuff is a big help when you are an expecting mom or a new mom. Lets see what are your options.

  1. It’s always good to plan things. Sit down and grab a pen and paper and write down what kind of free stuff for moms you really need. Make a list because that can be very helpful.
  2. Diaper baby websites are always a really good source of finding free stuff for moms. The most famous ones are Huggies, Pampers and Luvs. You can only sign up for these sites once. You sign up and then you will get free baby diapers in every six weeks. Diapers are really expensive so it’s a big help when you are an expecting or a new mom. They usually mail new free baby samples too you can try them out for free.
  3. Baby formula is expensive and when you are a mom nursing is probably the best, healthiest and cheapest option to feed your baby. But if for any reason you can’t do that you can always get free baby formula samples too. The most popular baby formula sites are: Nestle, Enfamil, Similac. They will not only send you a small can of formula but diaper bag and baby formula coupons too. You can save some money on baby food too.

These tips will definitely will help you to save money on baby diapers and baby formula.

Free stuff for moms

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