Free baby diapers

January 32012

Baby diapers cost a fortune and who doesn’t want to save money on them.There are many big companies that give out samples because they want you to try their products. In this way you can save some serious money on baby diapers. Here are 5 ways to get free baby diapers:

  1. Free diapers from Walmart
    Walmart is one of the big companies who can provide you with free baby diapers and free baby samples. It’s a good idea to join their free sample program and to check out their site regularly. Their are always new offers and new samples to try.
  2. Register with big diaper companies
    Big diaper companies can also send you free baby diapers so it’s definitely worth to check out their sites too. You have to register on their sites because they have to know you’re out there. If you want other baby samples then you should also check out their websites because in this way you can get all sorts of free baby samples like free baby formula.
  3. Free baby diapers from StartSampling
    StartSampling often offers free baby diapers so it’s not a bad idea to check them out too. They also offer moms free baby samples.
  4. Pediatricians or hospitals can help you
    Your local doctor or hospital can also give you some freebies, free baby diapers so don’t be shy and ask them whether they have free samples or even free diapers for your baby.
  5. Get a free 1 year of supply of baby dipapers
    You can also get free baby diapers by entering your email address and following the instructions.

Try these 5 tips and you can save money on baby diapers.


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