4 tips on how to get free baby stuff for expecting mothers

January 112012

Expecting mothers need to save money because to be honest babies are really expensive. Everything costs a fortune. You’ll need bottles, baby furniture, baby clothes, loads of diapers, baby food –the list is basically endless.

But how can you get free baby stuff for expecting mothers? This is not complicated at all because you can find free baby stuff many places you just have to know the right places. Let’s check them out together:

  1. Frugal moms start planning while they’re pregnant. When your baby is born you won’t have any time to chasing free baby stuff so it’s better to prepare in advance. On most websites you have to enter your baby’s due date so the different companies will know what kind of free stuff you’ll need.
  2. Hospitals usually organize clubs for expecting moms and for new moms too so keep an eye on them. They can also help you to get some free and very valuable stuff in the mail.
  3. Baby sites are expecting mothers’ best friends because they can provide you with free diapers, free baby food, baby lotions, great coupons that you can use. There are loads of them so try to look for them online. It’s a bit of work but it’s worth it.
  4. Baby magazines can be really helpful too because they give away samples for new and expecting moms. These magazines usually contain free coupons for baby stuff so it’s important to collect them.

So don’t forget about baby stuff manufacturers, local hospitals, baby magazines and different baby sites because they can help you to save loads of money. Keep an eye on these things and you’ll be amazed how much saving you can do in a month.

Happy money saving!

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