Looking for coupons to get a baby’s pictures done free?

February 12010

I am looking for coupons to get pictures done free in Norfolk,va. I know Olan Mills had a coupon that you could print out to get your child’s picture done free if they were under 3 months but now I can’t find it anymore, Does anyone know of any other places? I am 16 and am due in the next two weeks so I want to get my son’s pictures done at a week old thanks!

LOL. what does YOUR age have to do with it?

Anyway, check their website; if that doesn’t work, try calling your local studio.

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  1. »-(¯`v´¯)-» мaяк's ωifee ♡ Says:

    LOL. what does YOUR age have to do with it?

    Anyway, check their website; if that doesn’t work, try calling your local studio.
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  2. smwat03 Says:

    The only thing I can say is check their website, or buy those parenting magazines, there in there sometimes.
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  3. Mari growing jelly bean #4! Says:

    Enroll at like Sears, Picture People, and Walmart. They usually send you a book of coupons for like when they are born and every couple of months to get a free sitting and 8 x 10 or something. They keep sending them so you will go to capture their milestones. So go their websites and enroll if you have a Babies R Us in norfolk they do pictures there too.
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  4. ? Says:

    Sears or JCPenny’s always has coupons online or in the ads. They both have cute backgrounds for kids. I go to both places all the time.

    I’m not sure if any are open anymore cause they closed around here, but the picture people always gave out free portraits.

    or even walmart has good deals!
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  5. southernswettie4u Says:

    I had my daughters done at 4 weeks at Olan Mills. Its an on going thing with them for babies. Go to there website and print to coupon. And every year on there birthday you get the same package free. But it doesnt expire. I have gotten alot of coupons from Sears and Penny’s. If your walmart does pictures. Its only $4 and you get alot of them. So just keep looking and I would do the Olan Mills thing it is great and I didnt pay anything! I got 1 8X10 2 5X7 4 Wallets for free. They will also give you a great deal if you want to order more of different poses while you are there. But I use Walmart now and they are just as good and the price is great!
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  6. mommy to a precious baby girl Says:

    I got the olan mills coupon in the diaper bag the hospital gave me… Also i got one at motherhood maternity when i bought some clothes maybe you can call and see if they’re still giving them away.
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