5 Money Saving Tips for Mums – From free baby coupons to food

August 162010

Nowadays it’s not easy to save money when it comes to raising kids and managing household budget. We all know that in the current financial climate cash strapped mums have to be careful how to spend their money.

Here are 5 tips how to save money on household, kids’ clothes, food etc.

Free baby sample, diaper coupon

Buy in bulk

Everybody knows that basic things, like nappies and baby food cost a fortune, it’s cheaper to buy them in bulk. You can save up to 30%, and on top of that you don’t have to make so many trips to the shops or supermarkets either. It will save you time as well.

Don’t buy too many clothes for kids

Children grow so quickly, so instead of buying enormous amount of baby clothes, be clever with them and buy long wearing item what you can actually offer to your friends’ babies. Don’t be shy about this, your child won’t need them in the future and I’m sure your friends will be happy too.

And don’t forget, you can always mend your kids’ clothes and you don’t have to always buy brand new ones.

Collect free baby coupons

It’s always smart to collect free baby coupons or free baby samples. From the biggest companies to the smallest companies will reward you with samples, discounts, free baby coupons or sweepstakes entries.

Don’t waste food

It’s really awful how much food we actually waste. With a little imagination and with a couple of key ingredients you can turn your leftovers in to very tasty dishes.

Get on the web

You can find so many things on the internet that are actually cheaper than the high street. Check it out and I’m sure you can get your hands on some amazing bargains.

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