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January 282010

I also use walmart baby hangers, 10 for a buck, can’t beat that!

Any more questions, just ask!

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  1. hotmomma9117 Says:

    lol sorry, my black …
    lol sorry, my black and khacki shorts are from KMART and I LOVED them. my jean shorts were from walmart, and i loved them to because they didnt look like “dike” shorts. All my gathered side tshirts were from Ross, I lived in those. and last but not least my “I’m fat because I’m pregnant, what’s your excuse.” shirt was from spencers :]]

  2. glorifying00 Says:

    thanks! so far i …
    thanks! so far i have got a few things from consignment shops, but i didn’t realize that at 4 months none of my pre pregger cloths would fit so i think i am going to need more than 2 pair of jeans and a handful of shirts.

  3. glorifying00 Says:

    i have nothing …
    i have nothing against WIC until someone has like 6 kids and are on it
    I just am not eligible, so thanks for the $ saving tips.

    where did you get your maternity cloths, i saw that video and forgot to ask, your cloths were so cute and i have just a few outfits (i got big way faster than i expected)

  4. hotmomma9117 Says:

    oh I agree, I don’t …
    oh I agree, I don’t like being on it but If it’s what you got to do to get to where you need to be then you gotta do it. I’m in college right now to be a nurse.

    The paisley dress and blue striped dress was prepregnancy. The red flowered dress, all my jeans, and black dress pants where from motherhood maternity. I actually hated their jeans but it’s cause I’m longwasted but skinny, so as my belly grew they got shorter. contin…

  5. Y3llowPineapple Says:

    i didnt think you …
    i didnt think you talked that fast hehe maybe its bc im a fast talker too. lately orlando has been lik “huh?” “wha?” “wha wait a minute…what?? slow down! you talk waay to fast i cant hear a word your saying” lol i used to talk sooo fast & i slowed down some when i was in grade school bc the teachers made me talk slow bc they couldnt understand me. bela pooped fine on the yellow enfamil but the one shes on now she didnt poop so i gave her juice but now shes fine since she eating solids

  6. OKayLuhO Says:

    Check clearance …
    Check clearance racks at Motherhood. Consignment sales. About 30 minutes from where I live there is a maternity only consignment store. Awesome. Also thrift stores have them alot of the time.

  7. hotmomma9117 Says:

    that’s awesome! …
    that’s awesome! can’t beat a sale :]

  8. OKayLuhO Says:

    I meant to say …
    I meant to say Pampers Swaddlers boxes of diapers…

  9. OKayLuhO Says:

    Target brand …
    Target brand diapers are great, but my son pee’d out of them. :( The Target where I live had boxes of diapers on clearance for $25 with like 140 diapers or more. I use Target brand infant pain reliever. You’re just like me- I always shop at consignment sales or consignment stores. I’m all for sales. Lol.

  10. ilovehandbags06 Says:

    How are you haven’t …
    How are you haven’t heard from you in ages how is baby and what age is she now.

  11. hotmomma9117 Says:

    She’s great, 6 …
    She’s great, 6 months old now!

  12. Y3llowPineapple Says:

    completely agree …
    completely agree with you on the car seat!! we have wic too but we have a card that we use. ours only covers enfamil unless you have a dr note. and for bby food it covers gerber and beachnut. i looove those outfits they are sooo cute!!! i never used dreft i just used what we use which is “all” but i never use fabric sofener in the washer or dryer with her clothes. you are sooooo good with money i wish i was more like you!!! we used equate brand milicon bc she used to need it at every feeding

  13. hotmomma9117 Says:

    I’m not that good …
    I’m not that good with money but lol thanks. It’s just that I don’t have alot of it to spend! I wish ours was a card, it would be easier to keep up with! Yah the formula depends on which state you live in but in both states I’ve lived in it’s been goodstart, thank god, because Olivia never pooped on enfamil! lol I’m suprised you got all that, I didnt realize I talked so fast!

  14. cheerleader1931 Says:

    thanks for sharing! …
    thanks for sharing! where did you find cheaper maternity clothes while you were pregnant? what did you say about the fired dept/hospital giving you a car seat? totally missed it lol. is beach nut organic?

    also, target brand diapers are cheeper and work great. i agree, totally dont like parent’s choice.

  15. hotmomma9117 Says:

    if you can’t afford …
    if you can’t afford one, call around to your local fire departments and hospitals and they sometimes offer to give you a carseat. I was 9 months pregnant in the summer so as soon as I got pregnant i went to the clearence rack in motherhood maternity and bought summer maternity clothes. Um beachnut has preservatives in it, the closerest youll get to organic is making it yourself

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