I am in need of formula checks and other baby coupons?

January 192010

I am in need for formula checks and any other baby coupons I can use any formula and I also use any baby products on sale that week, I dont have a problem using what is on sale. Does any have any extra?

check the messageboards on Babycenter.com.
Many people would rather trade though.

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  1. lisha1979 Says:

    check the messageboards on Babycenter.com.
    Many people would rather trade though.
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  2. magic 8 ball Says:

    I’m just curious how you can use "any formula"…I’ve always been told to stick with one kind and if I needed to switch, to do so with care as to not upset baby’s tummy…Hmmm
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  3. lovktr Says:

    I am not sure where you live but alot of the time local grocery stores have baby programs you can sign up for and they send you coupons in the mail as well as give you some when you sign up, check the websites as well to see about manufacturers coupons.
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  4. ButterFlyAngel Says:

    http://www.verybestbaby.com (For carnation good start formula)
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  5. mystic_eye_cda Says:

    You aren’t supposed to keep switching formulas, it is bad for baby’s tummy.
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  6. candy cane Says:

    YOU CAN TRY A WEB SITE GO TO COUPONS.COM THEY SHOULD HAVE SOME COUPONS YOU NEED, you can also try the brand of the product @.com
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  7. jlw78418 Says:

    i am not to sure about use what ever you can get but if you must,
    ebay is the place to get coupons
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  8. anna s Says:

    all counties have a program called WIC. call social services for the number in your community. it does not matter if you are rich or poor. it is a wonderful program. try it.
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