free baby formula/samples/coupons?

January 202010

does anyone know any websites where i can get free formula samples in california? i already had my baby so i cant use the coupons you redeem at the doctors or hospital and i dont want to apply to all there promotions about eyeglasses &,thanks
i signed up for enfamil and similac but it doesnt say anything about free formula except for the ones you can get at the hospital

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  1. DORY Says:

    Breast feeding is "free", as long as you are healthy!
    Are you?
    Hope so!
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  2. Noah's Mommy. Says:

    You really need to find ONE formula and stick with that. Then, IF your baby reacts to it badly(gas, excessive vomiting, etc.) try a different one. Getting all kinds of samples is fine if you’re going to keep them on hand just in case, but it’s not a good idea to keep switching formula on your baby if there isn’t a good reason. With that said I know Similac sends out coupons and samples. I’m sure Enfamil does as well. Just go to their respected websites and see what you can sign up for.
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  3. Katherine D Says:

    a lot of the websites for different formulas will send you free samples if you sign up. Similac sent me like 10 cans of formula and so did Nesle GoodStart. I don’t know how long it would take for you to get any samples but they also send me coupons towards there formulas like once a month as well. I don’t use any of it because I am breastfeeding but it is helpful to have a little backup. Now I have like 20 cans of formula of all types stored just in case I need to use it one day.
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  4. Chase Says:
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  5. berskek Says:

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  6. Sam Says:

    i really like – free samples no surveys, no offers to complete and no catch. I really like it, and hope you enjoy!
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