Baby Formula, Diaper Samples / Coupons?

January 232010

Are there any places I can get free samples of baby formula, diapers and or coupons?

Like everyone else said, go to every diaper, fomula and baby food website. Also, Also and have free magazines.

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  1. lbbastian1 Says:

    If you register with Enfamil or Similac – on their websites they will send you samples and coupons. Same for Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs. Google their names and go to their website there is usually a place to sign up and you will get all kinds of goodies.
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    Mommy of 3 with #4 on the way!

  2. Mother of 1 - for now :) Says:

    subscribe to pampers, huggies, enfamil, similac websites. They will send you coupons in the mail, even free sample tins and diapers. Also, e-coupons.

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  3. MB Says:

    This is a good one:
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  4. blebert2002 Says:

    Like everyone else said, go to every diaper, fomula and baby food website. Also, Also and have free magazines.
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  5. olympichoney Says:,enfamilns&gclid=CK_sqKaZkpMCFQG5PAodCmT0Fw
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  6. ~3 reasons for living~ Says: sign up and you will receive free samples and also receive valuble coupons on purchases you make. sign up and you can receive free sanples of pampers has good coupons for anything you might need in your home…
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  7. Sandrine C Says:

    you can also go on,register in your home and put a wanted post,lots of people receive coupons they don’t use so they will be glad to pass it on to you.
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  8. johnny01212 Says:

    Try – all the samples on this site are totally legit. You don’t have to sign up for other offers or referrer lots of your friends to get the samples. No shipping and handling fees.
    Happy Hunting!!
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  9. Gibby Girl Says:

    Here’s alist for Canada:

    Nestle website
    ANd they give you a "cooler and ice pack too…plus formula and a bottle (ONE THAT IS OK) (coupons for everything)


    Save on Foods (free package of stuff & coupons)

    Huggies website

    Pampers website

    Sorry if this is all useless to you if you are not canadian.. :-)
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